agree to the following rules of conduct during my participation in the Vancouver Island Music Academy (VIMA, the Academy) on August 1 - August 16, 2024 in Brentwood College School, Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada:

  1. I undertake to look after the entire School’s property (inducing my residence room) as if it were my own. I will leave a practice room or rehearsal venue clean and orderly. I will recycle water bottles, dispose of trash properly and take personal items with me. I will never place drinks on or near any of the pianos.
  2. I will not conduct any business or activity in the facility or on the property owned by the School that would violate any of the laws of Canada, including the Criminal Code of Canada and the British Columbia Human Rights Code
  3. I will not have or seek access to any facility at the School other than the ones reserved specifically for VIMA.
  4. I will not smoke anywhere on campus. The School is a non-smoking location and therefore smoking is not permitted anywhere on the campus or in any building owned by the School, as per the BC Tobacco Control Act which extends to all school property 24- hours a day, 7 days a week. This ban includes vehicles, parking lots, sports fields, driveways, courtyards and private vehicles parked on school property. I understand that if I am found smoking anywhere on the property, I will be subject to a fine of up to $2,500 CAD, and any other associated fines as imposed by the governing provincial laws.
  5. I understand that VIMA is a drug-free Academy. Use or possession of drugs, tobacco or any recreational substances will not tolerated. I understand that if I am caught breaking this rule, I will immediately be expelled from the Academy and sent home at my own expense
  6. I understand that if I am under the age of 19, I will not purchase or consume any alcoholic beverages including those purchased by older students. If I am older than 19, I will not purchase alcohol for anyone under the age of 19. If I am caught breaking these rules, I will immediately be expelled from the Academy and sent home at my own expense.
  7. If under the age of 18, I am free to use anything in the residence house common kitchen except the oven.
  8. I will abide by the curfews set by the Directors of the Academy. Most evening concerts begin at 9:00 p.m. and attendance is mandatory. The curfew will be set at the student meeting following each concert, and will usually be 30-minutes after the end of the concert. If no curfew is stated, all students must be in their rooms by 11:00 p.m. This curfew applies to ALL minor (under 18) participants living in the Brentwood College accommodations. We strongly encourage ALL students to abide by these curfews. The Academy schedule will be intense and require your full focus.
  9. I understand that a high degree of social maturity and professionalism is expected of each student attending VIMA. I will always show respect to other students and teachers, and I will always attend each lesson, rehearsal, class, and concert on time.
  10. I understand that I am expected to dress modestly and appropriately at all times. Shoes and shirts are required in the dining hall. Pyjamas are not allowed in the dining hall. Appropriate dress is required for all concert performance and attendance.
  11. If I am under the age of 18 and unless a prior obtained written parental permission (please see below), I will follow the daily schedule of chaperoned walks between the buildings and various concert venues used by the Academy. The same rules are applied for sightseeing tours and excursions. Schedules will be posted at each venue and a student counsellor or adult will gather students to walk from one building to the next. Students under 18 may walk with someone 18 years old or older.
Parental Permission:

1. If you wish to allow your minor child to walk independently during daylight hours, please indicate this with your signature below.

2. If you wish to allow your minor child to participate in the supervised recreational sports activities and acknowledge the strict adherence to rules set by Brentwood College, please indicate this with your signature below.