The Vancouver Island Music Academy takes a holistic approach to learning and playing music. We believe that being a musician is more than just playing an instrument at a high level. Regardless of age or experience, every student at VIMA learns how to be the most complete and versatile musician possible. This is reflected by the enormous breadth of our class offerings.

During the highly intensive two-weeks, Strings, Piano, Composition and Conducting Private Lessons, Masterclasses, Chamber MusicOrchestra, Choir, and Rhythm Bootcamp reflect the core musical studies for our students at the Academy. These studies are all mandatory for each student at VIMA as they are integral to attain a high level of proficiency as an instrumentalist and musician.

There are however many other classes we offer which supplement these core activities. These classes, which are conducted in a workshop format, include: Conducting, Musicianship (Composition, Improvisation, Ear Training), Performance and Creativity, Scales/Etudes and Technique, Orchestral Audition Preparation and Performance Anxiety. Our students are encouraged to take advantage of as many of these optional seminars as possible. Each one of these classes will not only make someone a better player, but more importantly -- a complete musician.

There are an abundance of opportunities for students to have solo, chamber, and orchestra performances at VIMA. There are daily indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) concerts held throughout campus. The Academy also hosts a Concerto Competition during the 2-week program. 

None of this would be possible without the Academy’s distinguished faculty, which include acclaimed pedagogues, international soloists and concertmasters, and top chamber and orchestra musicians. Each faculty member offers first-rate instruction on their instrument and area of expertise. We are proud of our faculty who dedicate so much of their time, thought and effort to foster and nurture the unique talents of each student. By the end of the Academy, students will develop a lasting bond with their teachers.