In the summer of 2001, the JVL Summer School of Performing Arts opened its doors for the very first time in Bark Lake, Haliburton, Ontario. In the 23 years since, our program has greatly developed and expanded into a premiere summer music camp. A great number of our students started with having a mere interest and hobby in music, and eventually turned into successful and celebrated musicians. Some of them have even come back to our camp as faculty members! No matter what career path our students end up taking, everyone develops a lasting passion and enthusiasm for music and music-making after each summer with us.

The JVL Summer School of Performing Arts was reimagined during the pandemic, and the Vancouver Island Music Academy was born. VIMA's inaugural season was held at Brentwood College in August 2022, and the perfect settings and surroundings completely exceeded our expectations! It was a summer filled with the most memorable performances and experiences. Our students emerged from the long lockdowns with unbelievable vigor, and went on to create lifelong musical connections and friendships at VIMA. We just concluded our second season this past summer in August 2023 with enormous success and cannot wait for our third season in August 2024!